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Wedding dress galore

Today I went to get the fabric for a wedding dress that I designed for a client.

One of the reasons I became a designer is fabric. I love different materials and textures, but most of all I adore fine, beautiful silks and laces – wedding dress materials. I can spend hours just touching different fabrics and see their shine and how they fall. Yes, you can call me crazy.

Today I had a special mission to find a fabric that would need to go together with the shoes that the bride had already bought. And as the color of these beautiful shoes was a bit of mixture of different shades, I decided to give myself a permission (a break) and find a textile that would rather have the shoes compliment  it than find the exact same shade of white.

Shoes with lace and silk

It turns out the silk I found was almost identical to the color of the shoes and the best part is that the amazing Nina Ricci lace came in two perfect tones of white (and in nearly 50 shades of … )


For the structure I used a natural, unwashed cotton and had almost all the seams boned.


I decided to put small button holes to make it possible to remove the bones to facilitate the maintenance of the dress.

close up