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The last days of a great master

This Easter Sunday our group Muskottisoturit, went on a field trip. Petri (one of our founding members) organized everything and the destination was a surprise for us all.

We met at the train station Gare du Nord and Petri guided us to a train, offered us some sweet Belgium chocolate eggs (it was Easter Sunday, after all) and filled us in about our destination. We were going to Auvers-sur-Oise to follow the footsteps of a crazy master of post-impressionism -Vincent Van Gogh! Very exciting! And the day was just perfect for an excursion: sunny and warm. The first true Spring day.


We arrived to this beautiful small village about 30km from Paris and were soon welcomed by a reproduction of the painting of the city hall by Van Gogh, standing in front of the actual city hall.

City hall

Van Gogh only lived in this city for 70 days before killing himself with a bullet to his chest. But during this time he painted some of his most notable works. 80 art pieces in total.

This city hall stands actually right across the street from the restaurant where Vincent Van Gogh had been renting a room upstairs and used to eat in 3 meals every day. And as we had arrived there just in time for our lunch reservation, we headed directly to the restaurant.



For wine we had a soft, but full Margaux from 2005.IMG_2170






A true specialty, I had never tasted before, was the Absinthe ice cream. It had a subtle taste of anise, which is one of the botanicals that are used to make this distilled beverage that originates in Switzerland.


After the amazing lunch we walked a little in this idyllic village until we found our next destination…


The absinthe museum! The owner, a beautiful and elegant lady served us with absinthe the way it is supposed to be served; Cold and strong.





City hall