Sami Korhonen

Sami Korhonen

Spontaneous birthday to me!

When you come to a certain age, birthdays become less and less important. So much so that I actually forgot that I was about to have one. In fact, just a couple of days before the D-day I had scheduled a meeting for that exact evening. But fortunately I was reminded of my special date by a post card (you know the one you get in a mail… hand written on a cardboard… with a stamp and all), and had to cancel the meeting.


And my birthday was going to be the next day and in any case I was not that keen to throw a big party, I decided that in the evening I would go to a bar and casually inform some people where I was going to be, so that they could find me -if need be.

But the whole day turned out to be something completely different than what I had imagined.

In the morning my dear friend Kira invited me for a birthday breakfast and she even let me choose the place. I loved the idea and suggested that we would go to a nice (slightly hipster-ish) place called Le Pain Quotidien, where they serve different organic breads, jams, fruit juices, coffee and hot chocolate.  When we got there the sun was shining and the temperature was surprisingly high for this time of the year, so we decided to stay outside, on the terrace.


And as they say: ‘Time flies when your nuts’. We had such a wonderful time and decided to go for a little walk to digest the very late breakfast. We ended up in a garden in front of a Saint Eustache church and suddenly it was the time for me to be at the bar where I said I would be: Casa Montorgueil, just behind the church. It is a simple Spanish tapas place, where they make nice Mojitos and excellent Caipirinhas.


I was surprised how many people arrived, even if I had only told my whereabouts the day before and it was in the middle of the week.

The evening ended for me after a couple of songs in a karaoke bar close by, but some of us continued the evening until the early hours of the next day.

Sometimes the best birthdays are the most spontaneous ones.

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