Sami Korhonen

Sami Korhonen

Rihanna made me do it!

this is just some shit about nothing. I mean, you have to start somewhere and my somewhere is here and now.
I have been kind of postponing this (blogging) for some years now, but today I felt this might just be something I need to do at this point.
Oh, and I promise I will get better at this.

Actually, the reason I decided to start now is that I saw some images of Rihanna in Italy with her friends and the title of the article said: “Rihanna gets cosy with topless tattooed female pal”. And here is the picture:

For fuck’s sake!

How is that getting cosy with anyone?
Yes, it might seem like they were kissing if you looked at the picture for 1 and a half seconds, thru your fingers and with your both eyes closed! 
Those two girls kissing wouldn’t be possible from any other angle. Only from the side and still you shouldn’t look at the picture too long.
I mean, look at Rihanna. She is leaning slightly straight forward. And she is sitting NEXT to the girl and NOT in front of her. And if you are still thinking that she is actually sitting in front of the other girl, just look at their legs. You can actually see the both legs of the other girl as she is sitting with her legs crossed. And you can also see her both hands as she is looking at something she is holding in her hands. And if you can’t REALLY see the other girls both legs, you may as well think that Rihanna is sitting in front of her and between her legs (or something as crazy). So now try to figure out where are Rihannas legs?!?!?
Yeah, so there is nothing more to it.
And this is what made me start blogging.
See you soon!

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