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Sami Korhonen

Producing a music video for Eeppi Ursin

Couple of months ago I had an opportunity to create a concept and produce a music video for a Finnish singer-songwriter Eeppi Ursin. She is already pretty known artist in Finland, but I am sure after the new album comes out, her music will reach even more people than before. She is on her way of becoming a household name.

Our task was to create an introductory video for Eeppi’s new CD. This is her first CD, where the lyrics are all in Finnish. Her previous album Yellow Page Girl was published in 2009 so a lot have changed.

I love the song we did the video for. I’ll post it here when I’m allowed to do so.

After hearing the song the first time I already started putting on paper some ideas for the concept. You see, I believe the first impression is the most authentic. But that is only the place to start creating. Without a starting point, I feel I’m stuck. Thank God, I loved the song and my head was filled with ideas. And this leads us to the next point: how to bring the ideas into reality, respecting the wishes of the artist, budget and all the other moving parts.

I had one image on my mind that I wanted to realize and I just asked Eeppi to trust me with it. For the other look I drew many dresses so that it would be more of a collaboration rather than dictatorship.

Here are just some of the examples of the sketches I made for the second look:

sketches for Eeppi UrsinThese are kind of boring looking, but I wanted to make the lines and cuts very visible and apprehensible, because there really were many options and this way the differences between different models were more clear. I also wanted to make the proportions more realistic.

In a drawing above there is actually the one that was chosen for the video. However, I did change it a bit to make it more contemporary and relevant… yes, yes. A little sexier too. See if you can tell which one was it.

The dress

So, I made the lower part totally transparent and slightly tamed and full length sleeves, so they wouldn’t cut the arm.

This is unfortunately the only picture I hve of the dress from behind
This is unfortunately the only picture I have of the dress from behind


High heels

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