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Sami Korhonen


Fashion Weeks

I wonder if they exist mainly for the business (whole sale) or for people who are interested in (and buy) fashion. I mean, I know, they are meant for both and work as great publicity for the brand and what not, but what is the main target?
I have always done the shows mainly for the people and to show what I have been working with for the past 6 months. And I just considered those people who were there for the business to be people who appreciate what I do.
Now the New York fashion week (or Mercedes-Benz fashion week) is over, there are still London, Milan and Paris as the most important fashion weeks. And they are all different. In fact, I think it is very interesting to see how different they actually are. They all have their own characteristics and personalities. It is something that has always been very clear to me and that is why I choose to live and do my work here in Paris. I have always appreciated the French fashion aesthetics and the city of Paris is not too shabby, either.
In fact, I’ll start taking some pictures when I go around and post them here, so you’ll know what I am talking about.

Today I saw amazing news about one Finnish designer, Anna Ruohonen. Her store –Petite Maison de Couture- was chosen as the best fashion store in Paris. I have never been there, but I definitely will go and visit her. I’ll take my camera with me so I can show it to you too!

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