Sami Korhonen

Sami Korhonen

Manly knitting

I have always thought that knitting is difficult, time-consuming, boring and for elderly women. And it turns out that I have been right.

However, I managed to make myself a knitted wool scarf the manly way… or as manly as it is possible. All you need is the following:


And of course the material for the scarf, which in this case was a yarn of 60% wool and 40% bamboo.


Then you just make the knitting machine of sorts and start knitting.

knitting machine

birds eye view

And the result is just like the real thing

the scarf

I have to say that this is not my cup of tea. It is such monotonous work and it doesn’t seem to advance at all while you are at it. But I love my scarf so much. It is warm and soft and I am using it every day now that the temperature here in Paris has dropped to -3 degrees Celsius (26.6 F).

And as I was in this wintery, nostalgic mood, I also decided to make myself some real Finnish  rye bread. Slurp!

Rye bread

Happy holidays!

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