Sami Korhonen

Sami Korhonen

I’d like me some Tiffany, please!

This evening I went to a VIP event at the Tiffany&Co. with my friend, Petri.

I went there to look for a pretty tiara for my birthday, but they didn’t have any. Or maybe all their tiaras were sold out. However, we did get some champagne and had a lovely evening after all.

The Tiffany store at Avenue des Champs-Élysées in Paris is in 3 stores and it is very beautiful. The decoration is rather conservative, but it works for such an established brand. On the walls of the staircase we saw some old pictures of the Tiffany store in Paris and they dated as much back as to 1910.
I always enjoy seeing real experienced professionals working. I find it fascinating. At the event we had a chance to see one jewelry master comparing the diamonds and another one explaining about them.
I think these rings were the closest thing to the tiara I was looking for.
I wonder if I had stayed there a bit later, would they have served me some breakfast.

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