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I infiltrated a very exclusive meeting: Baby shower -And I’m spilling the beans

Just the other day I attended a baby-shower for the very first time in my life viagra 50 mg oder 100 mg. I know it is not common for men to take part in this kind of events, but I am lucky enough to have an open minded and progressed girl as a friend, who just happens to be pregnant.

Mom-to-be, Kira!

Mom-to-be, Kira!

However, at least one of the participants was a little bit taken aback by the fact that I was attending this all-women-event as a representative of the opposite sex. Although her annoyance died out pretty soon, it still got me thinking the reasons for it. Why wouldn’t she appreciate my presence there, if I was obviously an invited guest and she didn’t even know me personally? I mean, I didn’t have anything against her being there. Though I have to say that her outfit wasn’t to my liking.

I have never really understood this so called girls only-mentality. I remember once watching an episode of Wendy, where she was expressing ever so gently her opinion on men attending baby showers and I just could not imagine what is so secretive and dark that no member of the opposite sex is allowed to enter. I wonder no more…


Everything started out very casually and in the name of ‘let’s do this!’. After the customary small talk and welcome drinks we played some lighthearted games and ate delicious snacks. But it didn’t take long before things took a turn to the dark side.

I could still keep up with the subjects from baby yoga to maternity leave and even to acupuncture for pain relief. But when you talk about how to tighten loose areas after pregnancy or how to breast-feed so that it doesn’t hurt, you lose me. I mean, it does intrigue me, but I really wouldn’t  have anything to contribute to the subject. It felt a bit like I was a child in a conversation with adults, and couldn’t really participate the conversation, ’cause I didn’t understand the matter in hand. Or like I was in a courtroom where anything I said could (and probably would) be used against me.

So, I did what I always do when I feel threatened or out of place. I ate a cup cake. And another one. And left the party, embarrassed. Not because of the party per se, for that was great, people were nice and funny and the food was good. But it was because, I understood the reason why it is a women only event. And I understood it slightly too late. You know; when the saucepan is already  in the air and the question is not: ‘will it make a mess?’, but rather: ‘How much mess there will be?’.

All in all, I enjoyed the party and am ever so grateful for the opportunity. And yes, I did learn my lesson.

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