Sami Korhonen

Sami Korhonen

A dress made for a music video for Eeppi Ursin – part 2

Usually when I design, I have a story in my head and I kind of draw it out on paper. So for me everything starts from the concept. I normally give the concept a little time to develop into images in my head that I then transform into something tangible. However, the first dress I made for the music video for Eeppi Ursin, was a very different story.

The first time I heard Eeppi’s song Mitä Sattuu, I was immediately blown away. It is beautiful, multilayered, and it sticks to your head like a cotton candy. I was so inspired with the song that I immediately had a strong image in my head that I knew was going to be part of the video. I tried making some sketches, but I soon realized that the process with this dress was supposed to be more organic and spontaneous. So with that in mind, I made the base for the costume from transparent textile and cut some flowers of paper and left the rest of the creative process for the day of the shooting.

Eeppi on th balcony

This dress was made specifically for this music video and for nothing else. I mean, you can’t really wear it in public, let alone perform in it outside a secure environment. But I am happy that I managed to realize the visual part of this scene more or less the way I had it in my head. It is a relief, I can tell you.

flower from behind

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