Sami Korhonen

Sami Korhonen

Dinner chez Petri

I am a founding member of this group called Muskottisoturit (= the warriors of nutmeg, but it sounds like ‘Musketeers’ in Finnish, which is Muskettisoturit).
We are four Finnish guys who all live here in France and who all enjoy eating well. The idea is that each month one of us prepares a dinner for the rest of us. So every month you are invited for a great and well prepared dinner, unless it is your turn to be the host.
Last night we had a magnificent dinner chez Petri. Here is some evidence:
Petri has a beautiful home decorated mainly with Finnish design. Lot of natural materials and pure well thought details.
The table was already set as we arrived and soon after we were served cool welcome drinks made of champagne and some pine liqueur.

The amuse gueules were self-made chutney on top of self-made Rocquefort bisquits and lemon crust chutney with fromage de chèvre.

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With starters we were served a round and soft, but very interesting Corbières, Domaine de Villemajou, 2012.

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It was absolutely a perfect wine for the warm anchovies of Collioure tart.


For the main course we had the pleasure to get to know this new, but already famous wine. Have you heard about this one?



It was chosen as the worlds best rosé wine, but that is not what it is famous for.
It is produced by Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie and the production is very limited.


The surprise of the wine was soon dissolved by this œuvre d’art. First I wasn’t sure what I was looking at so I had to confirm from the menu. These delightful white balls (?) were actually made of squid and filled with wild rice.


For the cheese, Petri served us this amazingly tasty brie de Meaux that he had filled with truffles.


The dessert is usually my favorite plate and this one surely didn’t let me down. It was so good that I wish I could live on that and only that. Self-made pine syrup ice cream with pancake and pine sprout syrup.


And to wash it all down and to eliminate the possibility of a hangover we all had a healing dose of medicine. And I have to say it worked!


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