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Beautiful ad from Chanel Nº5

Did you see the latest ad for Chanel Nº5?<a href=" viagra schnelle” class=”grouped_elements” rel=”tc-fancybox-group360″ data-rel=”lightbox-0″ title=””>Gisele Bundchen

The new ad from the fashion powerhouse Chanel features the worlds most successful model Gisele Bundchen, male model Michiel Huisman and a singer Lo-Fang, who does an amazing job performing a haunting version of The one that I want. The short film is directed by Baz Luhrmann, who also appears in the ad.

I think this little short film is really great. It has everything: beauty, a story, drama and a happy ending (and I am not talking about the kind of ‘happy ending’ you might get at your local Thai massage place).

If you didn’t see it yet, here it is:

You can clearly see that Baz Luhrmann has directed this film as it reminds us of his successful silver screen productions like Moulin Rouge and Great Gatsby. And you can’t deny the magic of the star of the film Gisele Bundchen. And I love to see her in a role of mother as well.

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